PEAK 2001

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The PEAK 2001 series is available with magnification factors of 25x, 50x, 75x and 100x.
The microscope can be focussed by setting it down on the screw-on acrylic tip. Pivoting around the set-down point focuses the measuring point. Representation in ocular is a mirror image. The diameter of only 12.4 millimetres allows inspection at points where other microscopes have no chance whatsoever. The high luminosity lenses require no further illumination. Synthetic leather case included.

Magnification: 15x
Field of view: 5,4 mm
Focus: via set point angle
Scale: none
Optic: aplanat, distortion free
Sizes: 12,4 x 124 mm (diameter x length)
Weight: 12 Gramm